Sunday, April 26, 2009

Human Humor

Don't you just love human humor? I know it's something I have to put up with. For example, as a small puppy I'd occasionally stick my tough out while sleeping. My people thought that was cute. Not just cute, somewhat hilarious. So much so they ran for the camera whenever they saw it. What's the big deal? We all have one. Sometimes when I'd wake up from one of those wonderful luxurious puppy naps my tounge would still be sticking out. Just ever so slightly. Is that funny? Apparently.

Do they suppose they sleep pretty? Wouldn't you love to snap a photo of them right after they wake up? Scary thought eh? They have NO idea how bad they look from our angle, even on a good day!! If only we had thumbs.


  1. RTD (RolyTheDog) says: Thumbs? Who needs 'em--we've got human people to take care of that stuff. Leaves us plenty of time to explore the REAL world--the world of chemistry by nose.