Wednesday, May 20, 2009


It's 12:34 am, my peeps are nestled in their beds and I'm ready to do a little blogging and net surfing. My nap earlier refreshed me! It's not like I get a turn at the computer when they're awake!

Things they don't know won't hurt them. A little mystery can be good. Like for instance, you know what I like to do sometimes just for a good chuckle? I go into the fridge late at night and if there is an open package of lunch meat, I take each slice out, lick both sides, set it on the floor and do the same to each slice of Bologna or cotto salami and then put it all back in the wrapper and in the fridge. They NEVER know!! Cracks me up.

Just mentioning food.... I could go for something,... popcorn or a nice chicken breast. I do have my favorites. People can be so dense can't they? They think because we're dogs we'll eat whatever and be eternally grateful. I have my likes and dislikes. Big surprise right? Personally I'm not into anything with nuts. I don't like nuts in any form. Nor do I enjoy potatoes, baked, fried or mashed. Raw either, though an occasional chip does pass my lips. Don't even get me started on lima beans. Yuck! Hate grapes, they're a bad joke exploding in your mouth like that. I've rolled a few under the couch and left them. Don't like raw spinach, though I'll eat lettuce, tomato's, corn, peas,and my favorite vegetable would be carrots. I love apples, berries, breads and of course meat goes without saying. I do enjoy milk and I love ice cubes. But only if there isn't anything else to finish off. Cubes that have soaked in pop or tea are especially good.

The really idiotic thing is that because we'll eat something that has spilled onto the floor people will expect it every time and even put stuff there for us to finish off. I REFUSE to be a hoover for anyone! I don't do crumbs!! Seriously. The other day Mary spilled peas on the floor and was shocked I wouldn't eat them. "I thought he liked peas" I heard her say. Yes, in my bowl I love them. Setting on the kitchen floor in front of the trash can...not so much. I won't lick up spilled pop or really any liquid. Yuck! That surprises her too.
For you young pups out there, people ARE trainable. You just need to show them you won't budge on the important stuff.

I have more to teach.. but I'm hungry. Think I'll go check out what's in the fridge. I wouldn't recommend coming by for lunch tomorrow. :)


  1. Kris,

    I wish my parrots were as discerning as you about what they'll eat in terms of cleanliness. They've been known to fly into garbage cans to get at something they shouldn't (like jellybeans).

  2. People throw away good stuff. For jelly beans I'd be dumpster diving myself. :)